We at Avantikaa, follow a very unique system of delivery called the 'Buddy System'. This is our way of encouraging everyone associated with us to think about Mother Earth and to 'Go Green'.
  • The Buddy System: We have buddies (friends of Avantikaa) in major cities. Once you place your order with us, we will ship all the goods for that city to one single address; and that address is of our 'Buddy'. You have to collect your goods from our Buddy.
  • You are encouraged to become a 'Buddy'; by passing on our details to your friends and family; and checking with them if they want to buy anything from us. And then you become our 'Buddy' and all goods will be shipped to you. Finally your friends and family collects the goods from you. This cuts down on the carbon footprint of each item bought at Avantikaa.
  • Every 'Buddy' of Avantikaa, gets a discount on the goods that she/he purchases. The friends and family of each 'Buddy' also get a discount. This is no gimmick. What we save on Shipping, will be passed on to our Buddies and their friends and family as discount. 

For India:

  • Shipping within India will be done by courier services.

For Malaysia:

  • Shipping within Malaysia will be done by Pos Laju.
  • For KL, we have the option of self collection, or POS Laju.